Business Growth at the Port of Iberia

Craig Romero discusses project with Jeff Clement of Dynamic Industries and Iberia Parish Council Member Eugene Olivier

Craig Romero discusses project with Jeff Clement of Dynamic Industries and Iberia Parish Council Member Eugene Olivier.

The Port of Iberia is off to a great start of 2019 according to Port of Iberia Executive Director, Craig Romero. “Quite a number of port businesses have new contracts and projects,” stated Romero. “The Bayou Companies are busy with 1.8 million feet of pipe coating for a major pipeline project. The pipe was previously coated by Bayou Companies.  However, the project was put on hold for a few years. Now that the project is back on track the pipe needs to be cleaned and recoated.”  The pipe is transported by barge and railway. This is only one of the contracts for Bayou Companies.

Dynamic Industries, Inc. continues to fabricate 92 pre-assembly modules for one of the world’s largest energy companies. These modules will be used in a polyethylene plant in Pennsylvania. Dynamic also received an additional order for 44 modular units for Texas. This additional contract will have the number of workers peak at 450 during this year. Various parts of this project will also include three other local companies…Omega, LQT and Berard Transportation. Continue reading

Port Welcomes New Board Member Shane M. Walet

Swearing in of Shane Walet as a Port of Iberia Board Member

Swearing in of Shane Walet as a Port of Iberia Board Member

Shane Walet was recently appointed to the Port of Iberia Board of Commissioners by the Village of Loreauville. He is replacing resigning Board Member Gene Jefferies. Walet brings nearly 25 years of oil and gas experience to the Port. He is presently a Quality Technical Services Specialist for National Oilwell Varco-Tuboscope. “I’m honored to be appointed by the leadership of the Village of Loreauville,” Walet stated.  “Loreauville and the Port of Iberia have always had a great relationship. I look forward to working with my fellow commissioners, the Executive Director, and the staff to meet the future challenges and continue diversification to meet the needs of the industry.”

E.R. “Smitty” Smith, III Selected Board President

E.R. “Smitty” Smith, III

E.R. “Smitty” Smith, III –
Port of Iberia President

E.R. “Smitty” Smith, III was recently selected as 2019 President of the Port of Iberia Board of Commissioners.  He replaces outgoing President Roy A. Pontiff.  Smith was appointed to the Board by the City of New Iberia in 2014.  He is owner of Instrument Electrical Solutions, Inc.  “The Port of Iberia has been and will continue to be vital to producing jobs both directly, and indirectly through induced related activities,” stated Smith.  “With the current state of affairs both globally and locally regarding the energy sector, it is important that we as a commission take care of the needs of our current tenants, but also look to diversify and attract tenants outside of the oil patch.”

Port of Iberia Expansion

The Port of Iberia is in the final stages of acquiring approximately 146 acres for expansion. According to Port’s Executive Director, Craig Romero, they are purchasing 106 acres of property for $5.5 million. This property was previously appraised ranging from $8 to $16 million. “We getting a great deal,” stated Romero. The other 40 acre expansion will include new canal construction giving more access to the Port of Iberia. Romero said, “We have two companies interested in both sites who have reserved first right of refusal. We are looking into establishing a foreign trade zone on the property as well as making infrastructure improvements. If these companies choose the Port of Iberia they will enhance what we already do here.”

Port of Iberia Growth in 2018


RedGuard, a Kansas-based company, is fully operational on 9 leased acres at the Port of Iberia. RedGuard is an expert in the design and build of blast-resistant buildings for base camps, field offices, sleeping units, restrooms, medical units, sensitive equipment and more. They can accommodate most customer requirements and create customer-specific modifications. RedGuard continues to work with local vendors for support services and are discussing a possible expansion in the near future.

RedGuard at Port of Iberia

Custom Compression Systems

When Custom Compression Systems located their business at the Port of Iberia, it was the perfect choice for them due to its strategic location for shipping. They have direct access to the Gulf of Mexico, the Port of Houston, the Port of New Orleans, inland locations by barge via the Mississippi River and on into areas of the Northeast. Custom Compression Systems is the only gas compression packager in the United States with this unique capability available from their facility. Custom Compression Systems offers oil and gas processing equipment and pre-engineered gas compression systems to both domestic and international markets both onshore and offshore.

Custom Compression

Dynamic Industries, Inc

Dynamic Industries, Inc. is busy working on a project from a repeat customer, one of the world’s largest energy companies. They are fabricating 92 pre-assembly modules, (54 pipe racks, 28 steel structures, 7 stair towers, and 3 cable racks) for a polyethylene plant located in Pennsylvania. It is projected to be complete in mid-2019. Dynamic was also recently awarded a contract to supply 38 pre-assembly modules, consisting of Inside Battery Limits (IBL) and Outside Battery Limits (OBL) piperacks for a Propylene Oxide (PO) and Tertiary Butyl Alcohol (TBA) plant located in Texas. Once installed, these critical building blocks will help produce 470,000 metric tons of PO and 1 million metric ton of TBA. This project is the largest capital investment project for this new client. It will begin in January of 2019 with completion set for December of 2019. 

Dynamic Industries Ships Modules for Shell

After two years of fabrication, Dynamic Industries recently shipped off modules for Shell Oil’s Appomatox project. The modules are going to Ingleside, Texas where they will be attached to larger hulls being built in South Korea. Within a year they will end up at the production facility in the Gulf of Mexico. Port of Iberia Executive Director, Craig Romero, said this is Shell Oil’s largest project to date. “We’re fortunate to have this great fabrication facility here at the Port of Iberia that was able to be a part of this big project,” Romero stated. “This project supplied jobs not just for New Iberia but all of Acadiana including welders, vendors and suppliers.”

Business Progress

Logan Industries

Logan Industries Outgrowing Facility

New Port tenant, Logan Industries is already outgrowing their 30,000 square foot facility. Logan Industries provide a wide range of products and services to the oil and gas construction, drilling, production and support/diving industries worldwide. The Port of Iberia facility stores large components of offshore rigs. Executive Director Craig Romero is negotiating possible expansion of another 20,000 square feet to their building.

Kansas company, RedGuard, has recently leased approximately 9 acres at the Port of Iberia. RedGuard designs and builds blast-resistant buildings for base camps, field offices, sleeping units, restrooms, medical units, sensitive equipment and more. They plan to use local vendors and suppliers in constructing their facility.

Crosby Energy Services is moved in and ready to begin fabrication of ASME-coded pressure vessels at their 35,000 square foot facility at the Port of Iberia. They will begin hiring soon with plans to begin fabrication in February. They could eventually hire up to 60 employees.

Pontiff Selected Board President

Roy A. Pontiff was recently selected as 2018 President of the Port of Iberia Board of Commissioners. He replaces outgoing president Gene L. Jefferies. Pontiff was appointed to the Board by the Iberia Parish Council in 2014. He previously served as the Port’s Executive Director for 17 years. “I’m honored to be able to continue my involvement in the development of the Port of Iberia,” said Pontiff. “We located three new tenants this past year and I’m optimistic about continued growth in 2018.”

Continued Growth

Port Executive Director Craig Romero and Commission President Gene Jefferies reviews site for Caliche New Iberia, LLC.

New companies… new jobs… and new infrastructure investment mean continued growth for the Port of Iberia.

Executive Director Craig Romero is in the final stages of negotiating leases with three new companies to locate at the Port of Iberia. Caliche New Iberia, LLC, a Houston based company is in the process of signing a “Right of First Refusal” for 50 acres located on Pesson Road. According to Romero they will invest more than $130 million in infrastructure building including extending rail spurs into parts of the port and adding an additional slip. They will establish an intermodal loading and unloading facility as well as storage for natural gas liquids (NGL). David Branch, a spokesman for Caliche stated, “This area has great resources in terms of personnel and location. The labor pool is strong and the Port of Iberia is a great conduit to the rest of the country.” Much of their process is automated, however Branch estimates 20 long-term jobs will be created. Continue reading

Being Prepared

Port Executive Director Craig Romero discusses hurricane preparedness plans with Prescott Marshall, Iberia Parish Emergency Preparedness Director.

Hurricanes and severe storms are all too familiar to the Port of Iberia. Being prepared is key to minimize property damage, personal injury and loss of valuable productive time for businesses at the port.  Craig Romero said, “We are vigilant in preparing for any storm that may affect the Port of Iberia and the well-being of our businesses.  We implement our Emergency Preparedness Plan and communicate with federal, state and local officials before, during and after a storm.”  Romero stays in constant contact with Iberia Parish Emergency Preparedness Director, Prescott Marshall and also sends all notifications from The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to port tenants in preparation and recovery.  “After the storm passes our first priority is getting port businesses back up and running as soon as possible.  Facilities that have been built at the Port of Iberia in the last 10 to 15 years have installed overhead electrical components to minimize damage from potential flooding.”