Craig Romero

Craig Romero,
Executive Director

Drilling contractor, Seadrill is officially open at the Port of Iberia. Seadrill moved from its 25 acre and 14,000 square foot facilityin Houma to the new 57-acre 200,000 squarefoot warehouse at the Port of Iberia. Seadrill will inventory parts and components to repair and maintain drill ships from across the globe. According to Lynn Usie, Seadrill’s Global Warehouse Manager, the company is already reaping the benefits of the new location. Usie explained that during the company’s first week, it was able to use just one vessel as opposed to several to send off 40 joints of deepwater risers, saving the company money.

The Port of Iberia recently negotiated a lease with Aquadrill US Gulf, LLC for 15 acres of property with buildings. Aquadrill will operate two drill ships for Seadrill. Diamond Offshore has contracted with Seadrill to operate several of their drill ships as well. “Ever since Seadrill announced they were moving to the Port of Iberia we’ve received numerous inquiries from other companies expressing interest in the port,” stated Craig Romero, Port of Iberia Executive Director. “Seadrill has made it a priority to use suppliers and companies at the port and in our area. This will create more jobs for the Port of Iberia and businesses across Acadiana. It’s a win-win for all.”