Dynamic Energy Services International

Dynamic Energy Services International has begun the delivery of the process modules manufactured at the Port of Iberia for Shell Oil’s Appomattox project. The modules will be installed on hulls, which are currently being fabricated in a South Korea shipyard. They will then be delivered to Ingleside, Texas where they will be installed in the near future. Craig Romero, Port of Iberia Executive Director, stated “Shell Oil is committed to many projects with south Louisiana companies and the Port of Iberia.” 

Logan Industries

Logan Industries’ 30,000 square foot facility at the Port of Iberia is now in full use. This $4.5 million facility was built to store large components of offshore rigs. It is equipped with cranes with lifting capabilities of more than 80 tons. Logan Industries provide a wide range of products and services to the oil and gas construction, drilling, production and support/diving industries worldwide.

Ram Design

Ram Design has completed construction of its 18 acre facility at the Port of Iberia.  The Port has invested $3 million for land improvements and construction. Ram Design, a consulting and inspection company, is a leader in automated internal high speed corrosion mapping to drilling and production risers. They are very optimistic about future projects. Port of Iberia Executive Director Craig Romero said, “I want to again thank both Logan Industries and Ram Design for choosing the Port of Iberia.”  Romero also stated that he is currently in discussions with several businesses regarding upcoming projects and developments at the Port of Iberia. “We feel good about 2017 and continue to pursue diversified industries to lead us into the future.”

Gene L. Jefferies – President of the Port of Iberia Board of Commissioners

Gene L. Jefferies has been recently selected for a third time as 2017 President of the Port of Iberia Board of Commissioners.  He replaces outgoing president Larry G. Rader.  Jefferies, who retired from McIlhenny Company, was appointed to the Board of Commissioners by the Village of Loreauville in 2009. “The Port of Iberia Board strives to be prepared to meet not only the demands during good times but the challenges faced during slower times,” stated Jefferies.  “We’re proud to have diverse industries located at the Port and know that the Port will continue to have a bright future ahead.”  Other board members include Roy A. Pontiff, Vice-President, E.R. “Smitty” Smith, III, Secretary-Treasurer, Simieon d. Theodile, Sr., Mark T. Dore’, Danny J David, and Larry G. Rader.