Leadership Team

Craig F. Romero

craig-f-romeroExecutive Director

Craig F. Romero has been the Executive Director for the Port of Iberia since 2014.  He has served as a Louisiana State Senator from District 22 for 15 years and was also the Iberia Parish President for 8 years.  In addition, for 20 years he was employed by Frank’s International in sales in the oilfield services industry.  “I see selling the Port of Iberia as a great opportunity for our area.  The Port is one of the economic engines of south Louisiana.  Add the fuel of our hardworking people and ingenuity of our business owners there are many opportunities at the Port of Iberia.  The recent announcements of growth and expansions happening at the Port of Iberia show the increased business potential for the Port and Acadiana.”

Roy A. Pontiff


Roy Pontiff was appointed to the Board in 2014 by the Iberia Parish Council. “I am honored to be able to continue my involvement in the development of the Port. Having previously served as the Port's Executive Director for 17 years, I have a unique opportunity to use my institutional knowledge of the working of the Port in policy decision as a Board member. I am excited to be able to work with the Port staff and fellow Commissioners for the betterment of our community and region.”

E.R. “Smitty” Smith, III


E.R. “Smitty” Smith, III was appointed to the Board by the City of New Iberia in 2014. He is the owner of Instrument Electrical Solutions, Inc. performing industrial instrumentation and electrical consulting and construction management. “The Port of Iberia has been and will continue to be vital to producing jobs both directly, and indirectly through induced related activities. Whether you sell hamburgers or drill pipe in Iberia Parish, you are affected by the Port Of Iberia. With the current state of affairs both globally and locally regarding the energy sector, it is important that we as a commission take care of the needs of our current tenants, but also look to diversify and attract tenants outside of the oil patch. The critical path for this is definitely in the deepening of the access to our port. With the current staff, director, and board of commissioners, I feel we can overcome the economic, environmental, and political obstacles to accomplish this goal.”

Simieon D. Theodile, Sr.


Simieon Theodile, Sr. was appointed by the City of Jeanerette in 2014. He currently works at Cargill. “As a newcomer to the Board, I’m getting a new perspective on the how the Port functions, its revenue and how we impact local jobs in Acadiana. We continue to look into other business avenues for jobs and growth to find new opportunities for the future.”

Mark T. Doré

mark-doreMark Dore was appointed by the City of New Iberia in 1997.  He has been in sales and marketing in the oil and gas industry for over 30 years.  “I’m proud to be part of the Port Board of Commissioners for almost 20 years.  My main concern and priority is to continue working to make AGMAC a reality.  The deepening of the channel is vital for the future of the Port of Iberia.”

Danny J. David, Sr.

danny-davidDanny J. David, Sr. is a lifelong resident and business owner (David Mortuary,LLC, David Marble & Granite, Inc., Beau PRE Memorial Park, Inc. and Limousine Etc, Inc.) in Iberia Parish. He was appointed to the Board by the Iberia Parish Council in 2008. “ I reached a time in my life when I felt the need to give back to Iberia Parish. I always considered the Port of Iberia as being the main economic engine here. I wanted to serve in an effort to enhance the job and manufacturing productivity at the Port. Getting the port's access channel dug for deep water manufacturing is my ultimate goal.”

Larry G. Rader

larry-radarLarry Radar was appointed by to the Board by Iberia Parish Government in 2013. He is owner of Radar’s Insurance and Financial Service in New Iberia. “The Port of Iberia has many challenges moving forward. The low price of oil has had a tremendous impact on our local communities. However, the Port of Iberia is ready when things turnaround. The access channel to the gulf is even more important now. With most oil projects being mainly in deep water it lends credibility for the need to have deeper channels and a clear path to the Gulf of Mexico. I’ll work hard to make this a reality.”

Gene L. Jefferies

gene-jefferiesGene Jefferies who retired from McIlhenny Company, was appointed to the Board by the Village of Loreauville in 2009. “The Port of Iberia Board strives to be prepared to meet not only the demands during good times but the challenges faced during slower times. We’re proud to have diverse industries located at the Port and know that the Port will continue to have a bright future ahead.”

Joanna Durke

joanna-durke-400pxAdministrative Assistant

Tracy Domingue

tracy-domingue-400pxSecretary – Bookkeeper