Expansion at The Bayou Companies


Gov. John Bel Edwards, Port of Iberia Executive Director Craig Romero, Chuck Gordon, Aegion, Paul Dorgant, Shell International, Evan Russell and Monica Soileau, The Bayou Companies

The Bayou Companies recently held a ribbon cutting for their $14 million expansion at the Port of Iberia.  The pipe coating company’s expansion will take on a two-year project for shell Oil’s Appomattox Deep Water Project.


AGMAC Update

The Port of Iberia continues working toward the Acadiana Gulf of Mexico Access Channel. Recently the Port secured $8.5 million from the State Bond Commission toward deepening the channel. “Between the Port and the state of Louisiana there is approximately $30,000 million available for this project,” Romero stated. “It is a step closer to becoming a reality which will increase the business potential for the Port and Acadiana.”

Rader Selected as Commission President

larry-radarThe Port of Iberia Board of Commissioners recently selected Larry G. Rader as president for 2016. Rader was appointed to the Board of Commissioners by Iberia Parish Government in 2013. Prior to being on the Port Board of Commissioners Rader served as Chairman of the Iberia Parish Mosquito Abatement District for approximately eight years. He is owner of Rader’s Insurance and Financial Service in New Iberia. Rader stated, “The Port of Iberia has many challenges moving forward. The low price of oil has had a devastating impact on our local communities and the Port. However, it will not last forever and when it ends the Port of Iberia needs to be ready. This is why AGMAC (Acadiana Gulf of Mexico Access Channel) is even more important. With most of the oil projects being mainly in deep water it lends credibility for the need to have deeper channels and a clear path to the Gulf of Mexico. As Port Commission President, I’ll continue the efforts of the previous presidents to make AGMAC a reality.” Craig F. Romero, Port Executive Director said, “Larry’s diverse background including working on an offshore platform in his early years gives him a unique understanding of the issues that come before the Commission. His knowledge is an asset to the Board and to the Port of Iberia.”

Topsides Hull Tradeshow

Craig Romero

Craig Romero

The Port of Iberia and Dynamic Energy Services International, formerly Dynamic Industries, recently participated in the Topsides Platforms and Hulls Conference and Exhibition in Galveston, Texas. On an offshore oil platform, topsides refers to the upper half of the structure, above the sea level on which equipment is installed including the oil production plant and the drilling rig. The trade show was attended by a record number of high level key decision makers and highlighted technical issues, business challenges and future trends in the topsides industry.

Craig F. Romero, Port Executive Director said “We showed The Port of Iberia to oil companies that hire fabrication companies like we have at the Port, engineering firms that do work for the oil companies and a host of people who are linked to the oil industry.” Romero stated he is looking into attending the Subsea Tieback Forum and Exhibition next month in San Antonio, Texas. “We need to keep The Port of Iberia on the radar with all of these industries.”

New Jobs ahead

port-of-iberia-construction-01The Port of Iberia is moving forward with infrastructure improvements on the site for Logan Industries. The company will store large components of offshore rigs in a 30,000 square foot warehouse. The Port is also constructing a 3,000 square foot administration space as well as site stabilization for driveways and parking necessary for Logan Industries to be able to move the product. This project anticipates being completed this summer. Port of Iberia Executive Director Craig F. Romero said “We are very excited that Logan Industries has chosen the Port of Iberia. They have a facility in Hempstead, Texas that has about 300 jobs and they hope to replicate the same full-service facility here in the future.”

Dynamic Energy Services International, formerly Dynamic Industries, has recently been awarded a fabrication contract for a number of modules for the deep water Shell Appomattox project. This oil and gas development will be Shell’s eighth and largest floating platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Dynamic will also be supplying fabricated and assembled pipe rack modules for Sasol, a South African oil company expanding in the Lake Charles area. These modules will be built at the Port of Iberia. Romero stated both of these projects estimate bringing about 700 jobs to the area within the year.

Business Growth and Expansion

Dynamic Industries, Inc., a leading fabrication and service provider to the global oil, gas and energy industries, was recently awarded a contract to supply fabricated and assembled pipe rack modules for Sasol’s ethane cracker and derivatives complex near Lake Charles. Dynamic Industries also received a fabrication contract for a significant deep water project from one of the world’s largest energy companies. Dynamic’s scope will include the fabrication of a number of modules for a deep water platform and various other packages over the next 24 months in support of this world-class deep water discovery in the Gulf of Mexico. These contracts will significantly increase local job opportunities. Employment for these two projects will peak at 500 during the next two years.

Logan Industries chose the Port of Iberia to expand their business because of its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. Logan provides a wide range of products and services to the oil & gas construction, drilling, production and support/diving industries worldwide. According to Patrick Vilyus, Business Development, their company has adapted to the change in the industry by specializing in deep water interventions and production. He said they will store its equipment in a 30,000 square foot facility on 10.6 acres. Logan generated 150 jobs in Hempstead, Texas where they are based. Their goal is to replicate what they have in Hempstead at the Port of Iberia location and generate approximately 300 jobs, in addition to the construction jobs to build the facility. Logan Industries is a member of Doedjins Group International.

The Bayou Companies has begun construction on a $14 million expansion at the Port of Iberia. The 56,000 square foot pipe coating facility will provide anti-corrosion coating for deep water pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico. It can potentially generate approximately $500 million in revenue and a $39 economic impact. The Bayou Companies have been located at the Port of Iberia since the late 1950s. Their long-standing commitment to the Port and Iberia Parish helped secure $1.5 million in TIF(Tax Increment Finance) funds for overall infrastructure improvements. David Taldo, Director of Operations for Bayou Companies said he hopes to rehire those who have lost their jobs in this downturn. New employees would be trained specifically for pipe coating. Construction should be completed by mid-2016. Iberia Parish Government was instrumental in deciding to earmark $1.5 million for The Bayou Companies’ expansion.

Ram Design has leased 18 acres at the Port of Iberia. The Port will invest $3 million for land improvements and construction of a facility. Ram Design, a consulting and inspection company is a leader in automated internal high speed corrosion mapping to drilling and production risers.